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24-07-2018: - Added ability to see all levels of the equipment attributes.
- Added Clan/Clan Hall experience tables.

01-06-2018: - I would like to present to you my latest database site - Bless Core. It already has quite a lot on information on the game and you can expect a lot of new features to be added in the future.
So if you are going to play Bless Online, check my site as well. Maybe you'll find it useful.

23-04-2018: - The database updated up to the latest version of the game.

27-02-2018:- Hey guys! As you might have noticed, the site is very slow, unstable or even unreachable since last Friday. At that day a guy messaged me in the Discord saying that he will ddos the site, if i don't pay him ransom in bitcoins. Of course i have no intentions to pay him, and now working with my hoster's support team on the mitigation of the attack.
To this moment the support guys were able to decrease the effects of the attack, but the next wave of the attack can return anytime. The attack is quite powerful, it sends about 1.5Tb of traffic per day to my server with more than 10 millions of requests. Until it ends, please have some patience guys. The site is not going anywhere, i'll continue to improve it and fullfil your requests as usual.

16-02-2018: - The database updated up to the latest version of the game.
- Added support for German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portugese, Turkish and Chinese languages.

09-02-2018: - Fixed the bug which prevented the skill builds to be shown. Now everything is working fine.

08-01-2018: - The database updated up to the latest version of the game.
- Added "Pets" section.
- Added ability to see the effects of the skills for all skill levels.

05-01-2018: - Forum was upgraded up to the latest version. All user accounts were preserved, but there is a possibility of forum access problems after the upgrade. If you have any problems with forum's functionality, please write me an email (Check Community->Contacts menu).

03-12-2017: - Added maps with NPC's locations to the NPC pages.
- Added drop lists for all monsters.
- Added NPC respawn time to the NPC pages.

26-11-2017: - Added Cloaks section.
- Added lists of salvageable items for certain equipment.

15-11-2017: - The database updated up to the latest version of the game.
- Added support for UR rank.
- Added Monster Core drop chances and HP values for NPCs.

05-11-2017: - Added the "Skill Calculator". Create the ultimate build for your favorite class and share a link to it with your friends! See the "Tools" menu to access the Skill Calculator.
- Added "My skill builds" entry to the personal menu. See the drop down menu under your nickname in the upper right corner.
- The database updated up to the latest version of the game.

27-10-2017: - Added "Skills" section.
- Fixed non working pages in the Monster Codex cards.

21-10-2017: - Added "NPCs" section.
- Added "Monster Codex" section.
- Added ability to change level of the Soul Crystals.
- Added Combat Power calculation for the equipment items.
- Added Experience Table.
- Fixed incorrect values in the descriptions of the Achievements.

16-10-2017: - Added "Achievement Tiers" section.
- Added "Workshop recipes" section.
- Added "Quests" section.

09-10-2017: - Added lists of contents of the boxes/chests.
- Added the display of possible random bonuses for equipment and Soul Crystals.
- Added support for Korean, Chinese and Thai versions of the game.
- Added the ability to change the enhancement level of the equipment and see the enhancement requirements and success chance.

01-10-2017: - Site launch.
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