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08-01-2018: - The database updated up to the latest version of the game.
- Added "Pets" section.
- Added ability to see the effects of the skills for all skill levels.

05-01-2018: - Forum was upgraded up to the latest version. All user accounts were preserved, but there is a possibility of forum access problems after the upgrade. If you have any problems with forum's functionality, please write me an email (Check Community->Contacts menu).

03-12-2017: - Added maps with NPC's locations to the NPC pages.
- Added drop lists for all monsters.
- Added NPC respawn time to the NPC pages.

26-11-2017: - Added Cloaks section.
- Added lists of salvageable items for certain equipment.

15-11-2017: - The database updated up to the latest version of the game.
- Added support for UR rank.
- Added Monster Core drop chances and HP values for NPCs.

05-11-2017: - Added the "Skill Calculator". Create the ultimate build for your favorite class and share a link to it with your friends! See the "Tools" menu to access the Skill Calculator.
- Added "My skill builds" entry to the personal menu. See the drop down menu under your nickname in the upper right corner.
- The database updated up to the latest version of the game.

27-10-2017: - Added "Skills" section.
- Fixed non working pages in the Monster Codex cards.

21-10-2017: - Added "NPCs" section.
- Added "Monster Codex" section.
- Added ability to change level of the Soul Crystals.
- Added Combat Power calculation for the equipment items.
- Added Experience Table.
- Fixed incorrect values in the descriptions of the Achievements.

16-10-2017: - Added "Achievement Tiers" section.
- Added "Workshop recipes" section.
- Added "Quests" section.

09-10-2017: - Added lists of contents of the boxes/chests.
- Added the display of possible random bonuses for equipment and Soul Crystals.
- Added support for Korean, Chinese and Thai versions of the game.
- Added the ability to change the enhancement level of the equipment and see the enhancement requirements and success chance.

01-10-2017: - Site launch.
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